We brought our dog, Pearl to Serenity Ranch Kennels and she was a crazy, crazy puppy. We just picked her up today and it’s amazing the difference. She is a whole new dog, she actually got all her commands first try and really amazing it’s going to be such a great value to our whole family. We definitely, definitely would recommend Serenity Ranch Kennels.

Rogers Family
Austin, Texas

Rogers Family, Austin, Texas

We thoroughly enjoyed working with DeAnna Crouch on the purchase of our puppy. The response from beginning to end was very timely. They had a great variety of pups and we were able to see pictures of the dogs each week as they grew. That helped us to make a selection. We love the silvers. We found the kennel on Facebook and because of the professional manner and overall organization we were very comfortable in doing business with Serenity Ranch Kennels! It was certainly worth the drive to see the beautiful 120 acres facility. We are so satisfied, we will be back in two weeks to pick up our second puppy. If you’re looking for a new family member, this is the place to go!

Mitchell Family
Sugarland, Texas

Mitchell Family, Sugarland, Texas

After spending a considerable amount of time on Facebook looking for puppies, we were surprised at how healthy and happy the puppies were at Serenity Ranch Kennels. They had videos on their website we could watch! It’s a family owned business and we could tell how much they truly cared for the pups. If anyone asks us, we would highly recommend Serenity Ranch Kennels. We are looking forward to starting our new relationship and have confidence that if we need help, we can always call and get a quick response.

Balin Family
Katy, Texas

Balin Family, Katy, Texas

The process of purchasing a puppy from Serenity Ranch kennels was quick and easy. Our phone calls were returned promptly, updated photos of the growth of the puppy were every Wednesday like clockwork. The puppy was happy health and clean upon our arrival to their beautiful 120 acres ranch. We would highly recommend Serenity Ranch Kennels to family and friends. She will be a great addition to our family.

Bohrer Family
Frisco, Texas

Bohrer Family, Frisco, Texas

Working with Serenity Ranch Kennels has been a great experience from start to finish. Skye is an awesome girl!! Her temperament is second to none. The puppy camp was well worth the money and extra wait, we couldn’t be happier. DeAnna Crouch and Tammy were amazing, responsive to all our calls and questions. We would gladly recommend Serenity Ranch Kennel to our family and friends for the purchase of a puppy or training of their dog.

Craig Family
Lumberton, Texas

Craig Family, Lumberton, Texas

The folks at Serenity Ranch Kennels made it super easy to find my life time friend. Remi spent (2) weeks extra at the kennel and was professionally trained in basic obedience (puppy camp). I felt it was important to start our relationship off on the right foot. She understands her name and can perform all the basic commands. Most importantly she looks to me as her leader. I’m excited about starting our life journey. I know who to call if I need help. I would highly recommend Serenity Ranch Kennels for the purchase of a puppy and the training as well.

Duncan Family
Houston, Texas

Duncan Family, Houston, Texas

We can’t thank Serenity Ranch Kennels enough for such a perfect Charcoal Lab. Looking for the next forever dog in our lives was a breeze when it came to the prompt responses from DeAnna and her communication. As soon as we decided on getting our girl, the entire process was a breeze. We would receive weekly photos and a video was posted via Facebook of the puppies playing. My family looked forward to that part. DeAnna never made me feel like i was asking too much with my 101 questions. She was always quick to respond and made me feel at ease every step of the way. We live in Las Vegas and having a “puppy nanny” bring our sweet girl to us was perfect. It was an easy process. Having our adorable Charcoal/Silver Lab has been a blessing to our family. She has turned the heads of many who have come in contact with her by her beautiful stature, color and personality.

Sadler Family
Las Vegas, NV

Sadler Family, Las Vegas, NV

We just wanted to let you guys know that Ana is doing amazing. She protested and threw a few fits the first week, but this is week three post training and she’s amazing. We stopped using the prong collar as much, and she still does fantastic. She even goes to her kennel without being asked at bed time. She’s still a happy rambunctious little husky, and that makes me happy. You guys have helped structure her into a polite member of our family. I feel that our quality of time with Ana has improved greatly with her training. She’s even starting to influence the other dog in the house. Which is fantastic. We can not ever thank you enough.

Martin Family
Spring, Texas

Martin Family, Spring, Texas

We have had a great experience here at Serenity Ranch Kennels, when we brought Bo, he was difficult to manage and had some trouble with him. But with the help of Tammy and DeAnna they did a wonderful job with Bo. He is well behaved now, he obeys his commands wonderfully. He is a changed dog, we are so thrilled and could not be more pleased with our friends here at Serenity Ranch Kennels. It is well worth the time, we live (4) hours away, we would make the drive any day. We feel it’s well worth the time and investment. We’re extremely grateful.

Ferguson Family
Tyler, Texas

Berry Family, Tyler, Texas

We took our dog to Serenity Ranch Kennels and he was totally out of control, hyper, rushing through the door ways, and jumping on people. After only 3 weeks he’s a totally different dog, we were amazed. He obeys all commands and is much more mature. I would recommend Serenity Ranch Kennels to anyone.

Berry Family
Schulenburg, Texas

Berry Family, Schulenburg, Texas

We are happy owners of a new charcoal silver lab puppy we purchased from Serenity Ranch Kennels. We couldn’t be happier with the entire operation from beginning to end. Smoke just graduated puppy training and he’s ready to go home. Amazing operation, it’s been a pleasure working with DeAnna and recommend to anyone looking for a lab.

Ochoa Family
Spring Branch, Texas

Ochoa Family, Spring Branch, Texas

I hope all is well. I’m reaching out as Ruger turned one on December 2nd. Words cannot describe how precious Ruger is to me and everyone he meets. He is the sweetest and most caring dog. I also have never met a dog who is able to communicate with a human like he does. As you may recall, I was living in NYC when I first got Ruger. In May, I quit my job and traveled the country for 4 months. Ruger was the best companion. He now has a little brother who is a white German shepherd. We also now live in Montana. Here is a pic of Ruger, on his birthday.

Christie Family

Christie Family, Montana


We love our charcoal girl, Sadie. She is such a great lab, with the best temperament and personality.  It is hard to believe she is already 6 months old, but she is growing like a weed.
John & Jennifer Thornton

Houston, Texas

John & Jennifer Thornton, Houston, Texas


She can sit, stay , lay down and we are teaching her to ring a bell to go potty. She has a accident in the house only when my husband watches her. Lol..

Reeves family
Springtown, Texas.

Reeves family, Springtown, Texas.


Was shooting skeet yesterday and had put Emma in the yard, she got out and made the 250 yard run to where I was shooting at and proceeded to want to retrieve the skeet as they were thrown. The shotguns didn’t phase her a drop. One of the best dogs I’ve had. She made her first dove retrieve at 9 1/2 weeks old. Easiest pup I’ve ever trained. Thank you again.

Reed family
Montgomery, Tx

Reed family, Montgomery, Tx


This is Jax, he now weighting 52 pounds! He is a very good smart baby!!

Rodriguez family
Austin, Tx

Rodriguez family, Austin, Tx


Thank u again for this amazing girl. We love her so much and she has turned into an amazing retriever.

Atkinson family
Austin, Tx

Atkinson family, Austin, Tx


Titan at 6 months old and 70lbs. He’s doing great…just had to go buy a size large collar last night

Titan, 6 months old in picture
I just want to thank you so so very much for such a wonderful puppy. She is such a good good puppy. She walk with a leach. She sleeps all night. She has not gone potty in her crate. I take her to work everyday with me. And she has been perfect. Now she has had a few accidents in the house. Not sure how to break that yet. But I can not say enough about what a great breeder and mommy you are. Lana Bell is the perfect puppy. Thank you

Phillips Family

Edmond, Ok

Phillips Family, Edmond, Ok


Latest Otto pics.  He’s about 64.5 lbs smart as they come. Already trained to ring the bell hanging from the back door when he needs to go outside.

O’Key family from Garrison, Texas

O’Key family, Garrison, Texas

This is from a family in Texas who purchased Camo Collar from Thor and Cheyenne Litter.

” He is officially my Service dog! So glad your post came across my page! You do not realize how much this dog in just 5 short days has changed my life. I struggle with PTSD really bad and the past 5 days have been the best days since I joined the Military in 1997. I’m so thankful for Ash and everything you do at your Ranch to assure you are breeding the best!”

This is why we are grateful for being in this business!!

Service Dog, Texas