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We love our charcoal girl, Sadie. She is such a great lab, with the best temperament and personality.  It is hard to believe she is already 6 months old, but she is growing like a weed.
John & Jennifer Thornton

Houston, Texas

John & Jennifer Thornton, Houston, Texas


She can sit, stay , lay down and we are teaching her to ring a bell to go potty. She has a accident in the house only when my husband watches her. Lol..

Reeves family
Springtown, Texas.

Reeves family, Springtown, Texas.


Was shooting skeet yesterday and had put Emma in the yard, she got out and made the 250 yard run to where I was shooting at and proceeded to want to retrieve the skeet as they were thrown. The shotguns didn’t phase her a drop. One of the best dogs I’ve had. She made her first dove retrieve at 9 1/2 weeks old. Easiest pup I’ve ever trained. Thank you again.

Reed family
Montgomery, Tx

Reed family, Montgomery, Tx


This is Jax, he now weighting 52 pounds! He is a very good smart baby!!

Rodriguez family
Austin, Tx

Rodriguez family, Austin, Tx


Thank u again for this amazing girl. We love her so much and she has turned into an amazing retriever.

Atkinson family
Austin, Tx

Atkinson family, Austin, Tx


Titan at 6 months old and 70lbs. He’s doing great…just had to go buy a size large collar last night

Titan, 6 months old in picture
I just want to thank you so so very much for such a wonderful puppy. She is such a good good puppy. She walk with a leach. She sleeps all night. She has not gone potty in her crate. I take her to work everyday with me. And she has been perfect. Now she has had a few accidents in the house. Not sure how to break that yet. But I can not say enough about what a great breeder and mommy you are. Lana Bell is the perfect puppy. Thank you

Phillips Family

Edmond, Ok

Phillips Family, Edmond, Ok


Latest Otto pics.  He’s about 64.5 lbs smart as they come. Already trained to ring the bell hanging from the back door when he needs to go outside.

O’Key family from Garrison, Texas

O’Key family, Garrison, Texas

I hope all is well. I’m reaching out as Ruger turned one on December 2nd. Words cannot describe how precious Ruger is to me and everyone he meets. He is the sweetest and most caring dog. I also have never met a dog who is able to communicate with a human like he does. As you may recall, I was living in NYC when I first got Ruger. In May, I quit my job and traveled the country for 4 months. Ruger was the best companion. He now has a little brother who is a white Germanshepherd. We also now live in Montana.

Christie Family, Montana