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Do you have a dog that acts like this? We can help quickly.

A short video of commands we teach here.

A short video of all the commands we teach here at Serenity Ranch Kennels! We teach walking nicely on leash, walking at heel, sit, down, place, here, and we also have gundog training!! Spots fill up fast during Fall so call now and book your training! (Training dogs used in order: Kona, Rhett, Bella, Wimberly, Trump, and Roux)

Our three week immersion board and train program.

  • Does your dog pull you all over the neighborhood on walks?
  • Do they barge through doors without permission?
  • Does your dog get under your feet while cooking or having a meal?
  • Do they jump up on your guest and family members?
  • Are they aggressive toward other dogs, nervous, fearful or just overall bratty?

Here at Serenity Ranch Kennels, we have full time professional trainers that can transform your dog into a polite, respectful companion quickly.

Our three week immersion board and train program teaches your dog to not rush through doors, sit, down, place/stay, recall to name and heel (walking politely on a leash without pulling). We also address the issues of unwanted behaviors such as jumping, counter surfing, mouthing, food/toy guarding and acting aggressive toward animals and people.

Our balanced successful training methods will amaze you by the rapid results. Space is limited. Visit our newly revised website and Facebook page for the latest before and after training videos.

We look forward to helping you have the dog of your dreams!!

We find clicker training to be very effective with young pups. Watch and see why!

We’ll train your dog to be polite & obedient so you can take your dog anywhere and have fun this spring.

Spring time out here on the ranch.

Dog Training – First Week, Mid-Terms and Newbies

This is Buck’s first week of training.

Performance Checkup after only 2 weeks of training.

How would you like your dog to perform this well after only two weeks of training? We can help here at Serenity Ranch Kennels.

Sally’s midterm video with lots of distraction

Lulus midterm update.

This is hyper Sadie‘s mid term video.

Puppy Camp – Dog Training at Serenity Ranch Kennels

One of my star students, a puppy from Serenity Ranch Kennels.

Introducing one of our 10 week old charcoal silver lab puppies to his new young owner.

Introducing one of our 10 week old charcoal labrador puppies to his new young owner with unsolicited help of our training cat Jessie!

Pup in the video is Teagan, who is here for puppy camp.

Pup in the video is Teagan, who is here for puppy camp. This was her first day getting acclimated to a leash and collar.

The key to getting your pup walking on a leash is to acclimate it to the feel and sensation of a leash and collar. Put the collar on snug but not tight so it doesn’t slip off, then attach he leash and have them drag it around at first. Supervise to make sure it doesn’t snag onto anything. Interact and play with your pup so they forget that the collar and leash is there. Don’t worry about picking up the leash just yet. You want to try and avoid creating situations where your pup can be fearful and concerned of the leash on them. Take baby steps.

Teagan working for her food in puppy camp.

Teagan working for her food. She is earning her meal by performing a command (in this case downing from a sit and sitting from a down). We click to mark the point when she gets the command right and reward her with her kibble. She is doing pretty awesome!

Teagan is learning sitting from a down position in puppy camp.

Working Teagan, a 12 week old puppy who is here for puppy camp. She is learning sitting from a down position. Training a dog (or puppy for this instance) isn’t magic. Dog training is primarily a system of using repetition and consistency. While it is not rocket science, some can find it difficult because most do not want to put in the proper amount time into training their dogs.

Lola, the 18 week old lab puppy is working on her place, sit, down, and focus command.

Lola, the 18 week old lab puppy is working on her place, sit, down, and focus command. If kept up by her owners, this routine creates a positive pattern as well as a strong foundation of obedience that will prevent behavioral problems in the future.

5 month old pup Coby in puppy camp.

5 month old pup Coby working on his handler awareness, heeling, sits, and downs during his first week with us.

Chief, an 11 week old pup who arrived a couple days ago for our 2 week puppy camp.

Here we have Chief, an 11 week old pup who arrived a couple days ago for our 2 week puppy camp. This was his first day of learning to be in a crate.

There are many reasons why it’s important to crate train your new pup. It’s a great management tool to keep your pup out of mischief during the times you can’t actively supervise them, and it’s also a wonderful tool to help you with potty training, since dogs naturally have a tendency not to soil their den/sleeping area. Unfortunately even though dogs are natural den creatures, they may not take to the crate automatically so it is important that we spend some time, and have lots of patience conditioning our pups to be calm and relaxed in their crate.