Puppy Camp


Puppy Camp Details

Our Puppy Camp is a two week program for puppies 8 weeks to 5 months. They will learn the basic commands on leash along with learning their name and crate training. Puppies bought here get a discount!

Gundog Program

$750.00 a month

Gundog Program Details

The Gundog Program consists of basic obedience, force fetch, and field work. By the end of it your dog will be steady to shot and deliver to hand along with so much more! Training takes about 4 months. Contact us for details!

Basic Obedience


Basic Obedience Details

Our Basic Obedience program is a two week on leash training program. Your dog will learn sit, down, here, heel, and place. The package includes a leash and pinch collar!

Advanced Obedience


Advanced Obedience Details

Our Advanced Obedience is an on/off leash training program. Your dog will learn all the basic obedience commands and have a reliable recall off leash! Includes an ecollar!

Behavior Bootcamp


Behavior Bootcamp Details

Our Behavior Bootcamp is an on/off leash training program and also addresses any behavioral issues. Includes ecollar. This program can take 3-6 weeks depending on the dog.

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Puppy Camp

This puppy training program is for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age. This is an ideal program for you and your puppy to get you off to a great start. Since puppies are very impressionable, investing in proper training and socialization will ensure a strong foundation of obedience in your puppy and prevent behavioral problems in the future. During their stay with us, your puppy will learn basic behaviors such as sit, down, place, walking politely on leash, waiting at thresholds, as well as learning to respond to their name. They will also be taught basic manners by addressing unwanted behaviors such as mouthing/nipping, inappropriate chewing, jumping up on people, and food/toy guarding behaviors. A 2 hour go home session is included at the time of your pup’s pickup to help make the transition into your home a success as well as to empower you to develop a new and incredible relationship with your pup as they grow and mature.

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Board and Train

This is an intensive 2-4 week immersion program which is ideal for either the dog owner who just wants exceptional obedience with their dogs along with complete off-leash reliability or the dog owner who has a dog with severe behavioral issues. During your dog’s stay with us, we’ll address all kinds of unwanted behaviors including but not limited to pulling/lunging, jumping, leash biting, rushing through doors, counter surfing, chewing, barking, growling, mouthing/nipping, general disobedience, separation anxiety, as well behavioral issues such as aggression towards other dogs and/or humans. We will utilize and teach them the basic foundational commands such as sit/stay, down/stay, here/recall, heel, waiting at thresholds, waiting for food, crate training, and the place command to help create a solid foundation and a calm state of mind for your dog. Your dog will be immersed in a calm, balanced, structured lifestyle in order to pattern a new behavior and to build a more clear and defined structure in their life.

Your dog’s training will also be supplemented with our state of the art low level e-collar training. Our revolutionary E-Collar program is unlike anything you may have heard of before. It’s one of the most gentle and humane methods of communication with our dogs. It’s not the shock collar of old where dogs are literally shocked into submission. We only use the lowest level that your dog can feel – so low that humans can’t even feel it.

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It’s a known fact that we love our pets so much, that if we could have them with us each and every night, we would. However, there are many things that may take us away from our furry friends for a short time… vacations, work commitments and other life events. Our dog boarding facility is the place where you can leave your dog knowing that we’ll do everything we can to ensure your dog is happy and healthy and you can feel confident knowing that your dog will be well-cared for during their stay in our safe and secure environment. Boarding at our facility includes the basics such as feeding, administration of medication, outside time and keeping your pet’s environment clean.

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Gun Dog Training

During our gun dog training program your hunting companion will learn the basics of waterfowl hunting and obedience. Our goal will be to have your companion steady at the duck blind, retrieve a bird he has marked, deliver it to hand, and learn the basic obedience skills necessary to be a hunting companion.

Basic Retriever training includes basic marking skills, steadiness at the line, return to hand, stretching your dog out for longer marks, and “hunt-it-ups”. This program takes an average of four months; this is dependent upon how quickly your dog progresses and how much he already knows.

Limited Space, call for availability (361) 865-3301