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Family of Labrador Breeders


We are a small breeder of Labrador Retrievers located on 120 acres in Central Texas. Serenity Ranch Kennels is a family owned and operated. Labrador Retriever breeder and we love our labs. Our labs are our family’s pets first and a business second.

Dog training has been a part of our lives ever since we got our first breeding pair of labs back in 2004. We understand the challenges that dog ownership could bring — the embarrassment of having a dog jump up on guests when they come over, the inability to control an unruly dog, incessant barking, eliminating in the house, bolting out the doors, the frustration of trying to get your dog to come back to you when he runs away, etc., but we also know the feeling of joy and pleasure when you have a well behaved dog that is not only reliable at home but also in public. This knowledge combined with our genuine desire to help people and the growing demand for training from our puppy clients, led us to open Serenity Dog Ranch in 2015.

You can view our dog train programs and services , check out our dog training faq’s or review our dog training prices.

About Our Silver Lab Puppies & Parents, Charcoal Silver & Light Silver

Our Guarantee to You

  • Our labs are sound animals. They are of high quality and good temperament. They are loved and cared for as family.
  • Serenity Ranch Kennel males range in weight from 80 -100lbs and the females from 55 – 85lbs.
  • All of our puppies interact with other dogs and humans, including our 9 year old son, on a daily basis.
  • Our puppies are all AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers. We offer a 26 month Full Health Guarantee.
  • Dewclaws are removed at 3-5 days old, wormed, and given the first round of shots at 6 weeks of age.
  • Our puppies are so beautiful, whether you’re looking for a light silver, charcoal silver, black, white or chocolate, they are great for hunting dogs, rescue dogs, and family companions.

Spring time out here on the ranch.

JD and Wyatt Crouch talk about life on the ranch and the silver lab puppies that they breed.

The kids from Sacred Heart Catholic school got a special treat

The kids from Sacred Heart Catholic school got a special treat during their visit with us last week when one of our clients came to our property in his helicopter to pick up his pup.