Nuvet – Pet Daily Vitamins

1. Call NuVet at: 1-800-474-7044

2. Give them the ID Code: 31985

(If you give them this number when ordering then they will donate a percent to help save the lives of abused, homeless & rescue animals.)

3.  Nuvet POWDER Vitamins( $60.50 for 90 servings)
     NuVet WAFERS Vitamins ($90 wafers for $55.00)

If you buy the vitamins in the powder form then you just sprinkle a little on their food once a day each morning. If you buy the wafers you will need to break them up since they are so big and give a piece of it to the puppy as a “treat”

Health Benefits of All the NuVet Vitamins

Prevents & Reduces the Risk of:
1.) Heart Disease
2.) Liver Disease
3.) Diabetes
4.) Premature Aging
5.) Cataracts & Tumors
6.) Arthritis & Joint Problems
7.) Improves Low Energy Levels
8.) Allergies
9.) Skin & Coat Problems
10.) Soothes Dry Flaky Skin
11. ) Reduces Scratching, Itching, Biting
12.) Eye Tearing
13.) Strengthens Immune System & Vital Organs
14.) Prolongs Life and Much More…..!

What is NuVet?


~ Award Winning #1 Supplement in the United States
~ One of the Oldest, Most Successful Pet Vitamin Companies in the U.S.
~ On the Market for Over 12 Years
~ Manufactured in a FDA (human-grade) Manufacturing Facility
~ Human-Grade Ingredients
~ 100% Natural
~ Holistic
~ No Sugars & No Fillers
~ Cold Pressed NOT Heat Treated
~ Created by a Team of Professional Veterinarians, Physicians, Pharmacists & Nutritional Scientists
~ You won’t find a pet vitamin of this high caliber in your local “pet stores”

Why Give Your Pet Daily Vitamins?
Remember, Optimal Health comes from a Lifestyle NOT a quick fix!
Do you want to improve your chances of LESS overall medical bills & heartbreak throughout your pets life due to various health problems? Do you want to strengthen your pets immune system & vital organs? Do you want to prolong your pets life? If Yes, then it is critical that your pet receives a high quality diet, exercise, positive socialization, proper shelter & an optimal daily vitamin since dog & puppy foods alone (high or low quality) just don’t cut it. Don’t wait until your pet is older & already starting into health problems before you get serious about doing anything. By that time a lot of irreversible damage can be done to the main organs from all the years of lack of proper living, diet & nutrition. If your pet is already older & having health issues – these vitamins have really made a difference in improving a lot of health conditions when used (in addition too) your veterinarians treatment plan. If your pet is healthy – these vitamins are an excellent “preventative” to help KEEP your pet from showing health issues at an early age. Consistency is the key to healthy living in anyone ~ including pets. So whether you invest in NuVet or another supplement – we hope you make giving your pet a high quality vitamin or supplement daily. We wish you many wonderful healthy happy years with your beloved pet!