Dog Boarding

It’s a known fact that we love our pets so much, that if we could have them with us each and every night, we would. However, there are many things that may take us away from our furry friends for a short time… vacations, work commitments and other life events. Our dog boarding facility is the place where you can leave your dog knowing that we’ll do everything we can to ensure your dog is happy and healthy and you can feel confident knowing that your dog will be well-cared for during their stay in our safe and secure environment. Boarding at our facility includes the basics such as feeding, administration of medication, outside time and keeping your pet’s environment clean.

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Flatonia Texas Dog Boarding Facility and Dog Kennel Pictures

Our Dog Boarding Facility and Kennel

Serenity Ranch Kennels is a small family owned kennel nestled in 120 acres of farmland located in the heart of Flatonia, Texas. We are centrally located between four major Texas cities – Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Victoria. We offer basic dog boarding and advanced dog boarding. The details of each dog boarding service and their fees are listed below the pictures.

Dog Boarding Fees for Advanced Dog Boarding

Advanced Boarding

Along with boarding we will tune up your dogs obedience commands while they stay with us. Its a great idea if you’re going on a family trip and don’t want your pup sitting at home bored.