Frequently asked questions about Dog Training

You probably have some questions about our dog training program, facility, policies, location, expectations, guarantees and more.

We have a set of frequently asked and answered questions that we have listed below for your edification.

Do you use corrections?
Yes. To be truly balanced, we must say both yes and no to a dog. This does not mean we are being mean to the dog, or hurting the dog. We are simply giving the dog all of the information they need to make the proper decisions.

Will my dog have to be crated? 
Most likely. If your dog is having behavior issues, he will need to be contained. Period. A crate is the safest place for a dog to be. He can’t eat anything (or anyone, for that matter) if he is contained in a kennel.

What tools do you use?
We use a multitude of tools. It completely depends on your dog and their unique situation. The tools we use are not limited to: muzzles, slip leads, prong collars, electronic collars, pulling harnesses, halti collars, leashes, dominant dog collars, anti-slip collars, bonkers, rattle cans, pet convincers, spray bottles, treats, toys, and squeaky bait. We will not use any tool on your dog without first making sure that you fully understand the why and how of the specific tool. We also offer the owner try the tool out on themselves to understand the sensation that your dog gets from it.

What if I don’t want to use any of these tools on my dog?
Then we may not be the training company for you. We want to work with clients who trust our experience and understand that we have your dog’s best interest at heart. We are not going to do anything to harm your dog. We have many years of experience and many great references to prove it. If you are not willing to follow the training plan we develop, then your dog will not be successful and we would rather you come back when you are ready to commit fully to the instructions.

Will my dog come back completely fixed?
Yes and no. Your dog will learn a pattern of behaviors while doing our board and train program. When your dog goes home, you will have some maintenance work to do. The instructions are typed up and very clearly explained. During our go-home session, we will walk you through everything and make sure you fully understand the training plan.

How long will my dog need to use training tools?
This is not an answer we can just give you a number for. The simple way to put it is this: you just spent thousands of dollars on training. If you are willing to lay a thousand dollars on the table and bet that your dog will respond properly when issued a command or put into a position that used to trigger them, then you can take the tools away. If you are doing off leash work with an e-collar, we recommend ALWAYS using it when out in public off leash. Animals are not machines and they will make mistakes. It only takes one small accident to become a terrible tragedy.

Will my dog lose his fun personality after training?
Of course not! There will likely be some things that we ask you not to do with your dog for a while, but his fun loving nature will still remain. Often times, we teach the dog to play fun games during training so that you can have a great time practicing obedience training. Your dog’s personality will always be your dog’s personality.

What is your refund policy?
If we have completed less than 50% of our training package, we will offer a partial refund to people who determine that we are not a good fit or people who need to stop lessons for whatever reason (moving away, illness, family matters,etc.). We will issues partial refunds on a case by case basis if more than 50% of the training program has been completed.

Will my dog be posted on Facebook?
Potentially. We never promise anyone that we will post a certain amount of content regarding their dog, however, we do post lots of training photos and videos to both YouTube and Facebook. We make video document of EVERY dog, however, if you would rather us keep your dog’s videos private, we can accommodate that request.

What do I need to bring for my dog to board?

The only thing that we require you to bring is your dog’s food and any medications. Leashes, collars, toys, and dog treats all need to stay home.

Can families lodge together?
Not in the Board & Train environment. During training, we need to be able to control every aspect of the dog’s environment and to have the dogs ready to learn all throughout the day. We cannot maintain that control if family members are rough-housing and playing in the kennel runs.

Will my dog retain what was learned long-term?
Every dog is different and comes with his own set of behaviors that will affect the way he learns. Depending on the package and time that your dog will be here, each dog’s progress will differ. Because humans and canines are free thinking, it would be like asking if school teachers have a guarantee that students will pass. We have a curriculum that consists of our commands, manners training throughout the day, and respect for the commands as well as people. This will be transferred to you during private lessons. After they go home it is up to you to follow our direction and do your homework. We guarantee your dog will have knowledge of the words and that we will be here to help transfer what your dog has learned. The rest is up to you, and some changes in your household may need to be made. If you choose our Jumpstart package, we guarantee to be available to help you for the rest of your dog’s life.

Can you administer medications?
We will administer medications as needed during our operating hours. Prescription medications should be provided in their respective prescription containers, along with clear and written directions.

Will I be notified if my dog gets hurt or sick?
Absolutely! We will make every attempt to notify you directly. If we cannot reach you, our next attempt will be the emergency number that we have on file. If we cannot reach anyone, we will proceed with treating your dog however the situation warrants. We use Briarglen Vet Clinic, or Bristow Vet Clinic.

What breeds & what ages are accepted?
All breeds are accepted and we do NOT have any spay/neuter restrictions. Please let us know if your female is due to come into season or is IN season so that we can make special arrangements for her.